I think I'll visit a doctor for consultation. Pills like nordette, trust, and lady. ur not pregnant girls =) happy red day =)3rd time ko na po nag ECP.. effective po tlga.. =). but you can use ordinary pills as EC. I'm not sure if the deposhot has started its effectivity. thanks to this blog. please help! I can't take the risk, I was stupid to ever tried playing with fire when I am so ignorant about this stuff so after work I immediately went to the net and landed with this blog about Nordette. wala na akong naramdaman na side effects after nung nagkaron na ako... super effective ang nordette dont worry, nabasa ko kasi na ang pinakasure na araw na darating ang menstruation mo is a week before ng expected regular day ng menstruation mo :))). If yes, 2 weeks early ako sa expected period date ko. I noticed also that my breasts were a bit painful & itchy but not all the time naman. I want to buy some of this ECPs and put it in my med cabinet so that if this incident happens again and made mistake of doing it i have the pills to be used. Wish me luck! Where to get Mais Con Yelo and Leche Flan at 3am in Metro Manila? In my case i use diane 35, no pimples and no bloating. what seems to be the problem can anybody answer me asap? I bled really strong for 3 days lang.. is that considered as my period na?? :), hello guys, i need help!! Hi girls! Anyone know a $20 per night room in Manila? LADY PILLS is only 30+php while nordette is 100+php. hi i gave birth 8 weeks/2months ago.im not breastfeeding that's why i got my period this oct19,2010.then my bf and i had an unprotected sex on oct28,2010.im afraid im pregnant.can i still drink ecp?or nordette?pls help.thanks! she is always stressed and has less amount of sleep because she is a callcenter. or hintayin ko pah tlga ang next mentruation ko? Not sure about ECP's though. It is also effective in the second trimester of pregnancy. this is my first time to take nordette. i took the 1st dose, 4 pills 7:30pm. At this moment im very nervous and scared of getting pregnant. ?one more thing, we also do last march 24, and its more likely unprotected sex, then she took trust pill (4 tabs) and another 4 tabs after 12 hrs...could she become pregnant?? really need ur help guyz.tnx. After going home, I realized I was on my fertile period so afraid of getting an unplanned pregnancy, I took 4 pills of nordette within the day itself. ano po ba ang ppinaka effective, femenal, nordiol or nordette? Pero kahapon yung malakas kahit papano. need to know kung effect lng po ba yun nung Nordette that I took last Mar.7 Actually I took Nordette during my menstruation, had an unprotected sex during my period so to be sure I took the med. if nordette is available sa mercury drug...pwd kahit sino ang bibili?..tnx ... you can buy Nordette w/o prescription..i think it costs 140 pesos per pack.. is there any alternative pill if in case i vomit after 3hours w/c is safe..or what will i do if that case happen... what if i had unpretected sex and i took nordette after 2weeks does nordette still work??? I'm freaking out. i didnt feel nauseous, but after lunch around 1pm i vomited. thank u for the reply, i am first tym to used the nordette tablet. mag 6 days na after we had sex.. kelan ko mararamdaman ang side effects? because as i havent found any comments that they also had the same experience. Sana mag ka regla na lahat kayu...Say yes to RH Bill!! I have taken the first 4 pills after the deed and after 12 hours I take only 3 pills(naubusan na kc ako)Is 7 pills enough? Nag-iinterogate yung sa Mercury eh. there was even a time that i had a twice menstruation in a month it happens on me for 3 month consecutively. So ibig sabihin ba nito out of pregnancy risk na tayo? jf here. She was irregular before, but has been taking her regular pills; she's been regular for about 2 months already. Does this mean the ECP didn't work? or nid q na uminom ng regular pills? I jusdt took nordette today March 3 at 7:30 am- 4 pills and after 12 hours another 4 pills.. (parang text lang hehe) thanks!Im SANDRA. Do i need to repeat it again? The effects of Nordette varies on girls. It's confusing me. i also took the first dosage (4pills) of nordette 26 hours after the deed on january 4 and 5:05 am of jan. 5? And I thought,luckily for me I took it at night (8:00) and so I couldn't possible be able to feel the nausea. if yes, what is the dosage? we had safe sex, used condom, but unfortunately.. the condom broke. kung laging ginagawa ang emergency contraception, nasasanay ang katawan, hindi na rin magiging effective eventually. sinabay ko sa nordette ang pag inom ko sa anti nausea.. but unluckilly nakaramdam pa din ako ng sobrang pag kahilo pero natural lang siguro yun, my 2nd tablet of nordette i take it 12 hours and swerte kasi matutulog na ako nun so wala naman akong naramdaman na pag kahilo or anything.. the nxt day shempre wait ka kung kelan ka mag kakaron but expect na medyo delayed ang menstrual period na darating kasi dahil sa nordette pero mag hintay lang kayo specially sa mga girls na nag take ng nordette or trust pills within 12 hours of contact. so, back to uno.. Isang pill pa nga na take q pero parang pinagsakluban na aq ng langit at lupa sa sobrang hilo at masakit din ang ulo q.. Is it effective to take 4 pills at the same time? It is taken by mouth. Is this the right pill? :( jf here again. ngdadalawang isip pa ko nung una, pero ininom ko pa din. im expectng dat it will still work. We have intercouse last Oct 30 around 4am then there was a semen spill from the condom. Where to get the Morning after Pill in the Philippines? Ng sex kme ng bf q last dec3 1am.at he cum inside me khapon aq ng take ng nordette 4tabs at 3pm at second dose 3am my posibilidad b n mgtuloy aq mgbuntis?at kelangan b everyday un iinomin o mgstop n aftr nung second doze at mghntay ng bleeding? Yesterday, 3 days after taking nordette, i saw clear stretchy discharge again! If you have had unprotected sex, you can get an IUD (which may protect you up to 5 days after unprotected sex) or take the morning after pill (which may protect you for 3-5 days after unprotected sex). wla pa rin yun mens ko. be safe everyone. I was able to take Nordette (1st dosage -4pills) on the 5th day (shortly before 120hrs). If you've made an appointment for DFA passport application and completed the online application on the 2016 slot you want. i panicked and read a lot of forum with the topic like mine. my girlfriend took 2 tablets first and after 12 hrs she took 1 tablet only. hi im sheila,. Effective talaga ang nordette :-) Paige. then may discharge din and parang swollen breasts but no mens yet. SO I DON'T KNOW WHEN MY PERIOD WILL START AGAIN..PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME..DOES IT MEAN NORDETTE DIDN'T WORK? I took Nordette as an ECP at approxiamtely 21 hrs of sex with contraceptive failure (29th day of my cylce). From time to time may headache ako. It's literally the easiest/ no sweat process The results vary per womenAnd ditto to Ms Anonymous, I hope the government would open up about women's health issues, approve the Reproductive Health Bill and control our population boom. hi im oliveam i already sure that i wouldn't get pregnant if i got my period 9 days after taking nordette but it was fewer than my usual period?Thanks! he said he had withdrawn it before it erupted but i noticed that i have his fluids in my thigh and near my vagina. i have read the instructions...its a bit so confusing since it says i have to take 1 pill daily in 21 days...huhuhu...help! :(, i think you'll take the second pill after 12 hours after you took the first pill. iM REALLY PARANOiD RiGHT NOW KC 1WEEK NA PERO Di PAKO NAG KAKARRON :(( PLS HELP WAT SHUD i DO? I'm plannig to buy nordette tom. @Janine I suggest you try a pregnancy test na, there's the homekit and a more accurate one, the urine pregnancy test done by a lab. Hi Sarah here. isipin mo nalang issacrifice mo yung energy mo bukas para sa araw na yun. :), Hi there guys,uhmm my boyfriend and I had sex about 5 day after my period(valentines day) and we sort of had an unprotected sex coz he's not sure whether a small amount of his love juice was erupted inside me, so yeah i searched about the morning after pill and saw this blog. Should I take another dose? The morning-after pill is a type of emergency birth control (contraception). I took pills kasi the day that we did it tapos a week after, I had menstruation. Mga Jan.9-10 ang lakas ng white discharge ko. i hope somebody could answer my questions. Where to get the Morning after Pill in the Philippines. I'M GOING IN SANE! Reply to me please! Nordette is available in Mercury drugstore nationwide Davao included :)So for those who tried Nordette, did the ECP work for you? But I just want to ask if there are cases that nordette failed? Anne Here..Me and bf had unprotected sex last Nov 7.. Sana hindi naman ito early signs of pregnancy :(I took Nordette naman w/in 72 hrs of unprotected sex. At least now eh alam na natin and MUST BE VERY CAREFUL NEXT TIME. LENNIE HERE.I FEEL THE NEED TO TAKE NORDETTE BUT WORRIED ABOUT NAUSEA AND HEADACHE. Fret not people. i just want to share that i used trust pills (4 tabs for the first dose, another 4 tabs after 12 hours - second dose, and no more tabs after)... my period came after 5 days. As per instruction kase sa taas ng blog na ito you should take nordette within 72 hours of unprotected sex. My first day of my last menstruation period was last feb 18, me and my husband had contact last sunday ( february 27 at exactly 6;00am). we had unprotected sex again is the nordette still effective?please answer me with s sure answer.....plsssssss, my gf took the 2nd dose of nordette after 6 hrs we had unprotected sex is the nordette still effective? I'll be in deep trouble if I get pregnant..though I am not ovulating during the time we had unprotected sex since it's right after my period. it was sept.24 when the accident happened and i took the pill right after. I've read this from way back then but I didn't know I'll be posting a question here. Lilibeth, yan lagi ang binibili ko. The nordette i got from mercury is a pack like birth control pills. Then now, 5 days ago I took Nordette, I noticed that I had lot of discharges, & sometimes I'm having a cramps sa may puson. i need help to remove my post. and another thing, after taking nordette, shud i stop having sex? ask ko lang po.. kc we did it on dec.25 and i was fertile during that time, then i took nordette on dec 28.. tapos we did it again on jan 3 and again, i was on my fertile period and i took another proper dose of nordette.. will it still work? Or might as well visit an OB para mas ma enlighten ka. Housekeeper Rates in the Philippines: How much should one expect to pay someone to cook, clean and wash? HELP! Pills are now available at 40 pharmacies in the Toronto area. please i need your answer plsssss, Ma'am Madhatter please help me.I have the same problem as Farah. Sana lang talaga. obviously the long distance thing is not working for u, the local guy though hot is taken and wouldn't pull thru for you. ?kc taga dvao ako..bka kailangan ng prescription. We used condom, do the withdrawal method (Coitus interruptus), voiding/urinating (estimated time 30-45 mins after), i also took 4 nordette pills after the intercourse and another 4 pills of nordette 12hours after the 1st dosage. haha :D. HelloEch here..I had sex 3 consecutive days..ang 1st night unprotected talaga sya but in just 1 round. I only consumed 8 pills in total.I experience no side effect like vomitting or severe headache though. My girlfriend and I had sex december 13. but the condom broke and i wasn't aware when I came inside of her. I took another 4 after 12 hours of the first dosage as suggested. I read in some medical blogs that if you took the ECP within 12 hours, it will be 95% effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy. i guess after 11days babalik ung period mo. thanks. So I guess Nordette is a fail-safe ECP. thankyou this has been a lifesaver ^^VBTW i bought my nordette otc from SAVEMORE DRUGSTORE its quite cheaper. :). You didn't have to go thru this alone :( let go of the guilt, life is short. Atleast 3 days ata ung safe days. October 17, her ovulation day fell on the 20th. she usually takes birth control pills. She took 4 pills on the first dose, and 4 pills roughly 10-15 hours after. I got it in Mercury Drug for P191. @miming Thanks for posting! Jan.27 pa expected period ko eh. Was it before or during ovulation? Is it okay to take the pill even though I'm not yet fertile, but I will be in like 2-3 days. pls pls pls help i need answers ergent poh. :(. Morning Power is available at selected Mercury Drug Stores, Puregold Stores, Sta Lucia Supermarket, In-Time Supermarket, Whartoner & Mandarin Supermarket, and Fiesta Duty Free Supermarket. Hi sa normal cycle mo dapay ba every first week ka nagkakaroon? It's a cultural thing. my friends told me the pills would have been distributed to my bloodstream cuz its been 5 hrs since i took the last dose and the pills gets digested 2-3 hours according to them (theyre nurses btw). 4 pills after unprotected sex then another 4 after 12 hours. Hi. I didn't let her take the second one. It wouldn't let me sleep AT ALL through the night. or uulitin q parin iaapat ko nalang? I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend a week ago (Sep 16 to be exact). or are they both the same? Can somebody confirm this?Thanks! ?please help me..as i was taking nordette(ECP) ngmense ako i continued taking it..wla nah rin nglabas sakin...for now gus2 ko mgtake ng oral pill regularly.. ok lng bah nah mgstart ako mgtake nah?? This is very helpful. Nakakaparanoid lang :( Gusto ko sana magtake ng nordette kaso kakatapos lang ng period ko. this day we had unsafe sex. I still don't have my period or whatever that was supposed to come out but I have similar effects like yours. But the pills I took weren't those light orange Nordette instead they were white and branded as Pfizer. How to order that pill in India? nag DO kme ng bf ko last november 21. i had my last period oct 21. irregualar ako. So I had to travel to the Philippines to get 9 robust bottles. Until now little brown discharge pa rin. (i forgot to buy thats why its late). kaso irregular ang period q ever since. same lang ba ang effect ng nordette 21 pills?or should we use the 28 pills? So happy to share that I got my period this morning! pls reply asapbtw. I was asked to take nordette for 3doses, every 6hours by my partner. Whats the difference between nordette generic and nordette 28? Now, for the third instance, I'm still waiting for my period to come and it's been 6 days since I took the Nordette. cj hir. Nahiyang ako sa pinakamura: Trust pills (Php42.50 per pack, Mercury Drug). one month ago, she stopped taking the rest of her pack, because she missed a few already. Kakatapos lang ng menstruation ko kahapon (kasi may brown discharge pa ko nun eh, I just don't know kung considered pa rin yun) Well, anyways, nag do kami kanina ng boyfriend ko at nag cum po siya pero sa labas na. please enlighten me, its 6 days already and im paranoid... first day of my period last month - december 5had unprotected sex - january 3 (3pm)took 4 Nordette pills - january 4 (10 am)took another 4 pills - january 4 (10 pm)Today is already the 5th day after i took the pills and I still dont have my period.Is there a possibility that I could be pregnant? Right now, try to abstain, wait, and pray. Ayun, I got my period last feb 9. Everyday ko naman vini-visit itong page. takot akong magpills pero nabasa ko kasi to para makasigurado natatakot pa ako mabunti sa edad kong ito 19 nako ayoko ng early pregnancy. CAN'T AFFORD THAT SINCE I HAVE TO WORK GRAVEYARD. Hi JUST WANT TO SHARE MY EXPERiENCE ME AND MY BF HAD SEX LAST FEB 23. waaaaaah first time kasi namin ng bf ko. Paige here. Same procedure, apat-apat. sana nag take effect yung nordette.. waaahhhhh. What channel can I watch the inauguration of Presi... Where to Buy Sourdough bread, French loaves, Ciaba... Where can I buy a Mannequin in Manila? My boyfriend said he wasn't sure if he really got inside me and I'm not sure either. So, is taking nordette on top of her regular medicine dangerous? I have taken my second doze and i will just wait for a week what will happen. i stopped taking it or finished the pack by september 4. i had my period by september 8. then i resumed taking the pills on septemeber 18. Where to get the Morning after Pill in the Philipp... Typhoon Yolanda: DSWD Wasted and Rotting Relief Goods. But being the paranoid people that we are, we decided to drink Nordette a few hours after the deed just to make sure. But I think I'm okay now, I already got my period just now. Expect to get your menstrual period within 3 weeks after taking the pill. :). I think we hav the same case...u had nordette jus yesterday aftr n0v3..so wat up now?? she didnt drink the 2nd round of 4 tablets because she vomitting really hard. It is known to address skin problems like acne and excessive hair growth. can u help me? okay po, thanks ate danarelle. You can take 2 of the pills, but they pack a whopper of a nausea with it :D Bjork - interesting link, thanks for posting it! tpos pde nya ba agad agad itigil ? Adult : PO Narcolepsy; Obstructive sleep apnoea Initial: 200 mg daily as single dose in the morning or in 2 divided doses in the morning and at noon. Me and my GF had protected sex din pero I worried my butt off. Do u think its stl advisable for me to take nordette, im freaking out. wait it out Sis if you've read the posts here from different women, their periods eventually came. should i take 4 more again or has it been already digested? And I think nordette was unnecessary na based on the facts na sinabe mo. then exactly 7days(oct.1) after i took it, i got my period. hi. But I was wrong. I feel so overwhelmed na hindi lang pala ako ang may gantong experience :)) Thank so much everyone! The only difference is the manner of taking it.You can use whatever birth control pills that suits you. i just wanna ask if it is advisable if i just use EC for the moment and not a regular pill since my husband now is always out of town and we don't have a "regular intercourse" i mean he was home for only a week and then will be leaving again for a month or two. What do you think po? EFFECTIVE BA ANG NORDETTE??? When she got her period after 1st or 2nd week does that mean that its going to be her regular period for her cycle and have regular mens (26 to 30 days cycle)again or she will have something like an initial or irregular period then she will have another period which will come on her expected date of normal period?thanks and hope you'll answer.. HI..tal here,,i have exactly the same concern like the others..naisuka ko ung seconds dose after 2 hours nung dosage..effective p ba un or shud i take it again? I dont think ur pregnant kase as far as i understand ur did unprotected sex on ur 29th day cycle parang safe days mo naman un. im kinda worried. Okay, so here's the catch.. I cannot emphasize this further. 1st day of last menstrual period: Nov 19 (not sure when was the last day)Nordette intake: Dec 10 at 1pm (1st dosage of 4 pills - about 63hours post-unprotected sex), Dec 11 at 1am (2nd dosage of 2nd 4 pills), and Dec 11 at 1pm (3rd dosage of 4 pills). aja! So far wala pa naman ako nababasa sa mga blog na hindi siya nag effect. Mercury Drug is the leading trusted and caring drugstore in the Philippines. I need help mga sis!Me and my bf had sex awhile ago and hiscondom brokes.. he cum in me.. 22o bang walang levonelle 1500 here in philippines?? :(, Hello there po! ANYONE KNOWS HOW TO HANDLE SIDE EFFECTS OR ANY ALTERNATIVE FOR NORDETTE THAT IS AS EFFECTIVE BUT WITHOUT THE MENTIONE SIDE EFFECTS? I believe Filipino women should have the right to basic reproductive health information so I'm posting this medical information taken fr... A popular list of Paalam songs or pamamaalam songs, awit para sa patay - songs saying goodbye to our dear departed. Just go behind the counter at the major drug stores and ask for whatever contraceptives . sabay sabay) immediately. I just don't understand why other banks won't follow suit? Does it will effect ba??? I need advice..i had unsafe sex last nov2. dpat 18 meron nako sa 28 cycle but because of the irregularty, dpat 24 meron nako. I'm worried cause I did not feel any pain in my abdomen which I should be experiencing if I am nearing my cycle coz I am those unlucky people who experience primary dysmenorrhea. As per dosage instructions, she should take 4 tabs first dose then another 4 second dose which is after 12 hours. yesterday evening i had my period. hello po.... ng take po ako ng nordette jan 7. Is it still effective even if it is taken 48 hours after we did the deed?5. Plan B One-Step is used to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex or failure of other forms of birth control (such as condom breakage, or missing 2 or more birth control pills). Been using nordette as an ECP for a long time and it never fails me. ^ kelan ba kayo nag-do? The morning after pill is taken within 3 days after the intercourse. Why is that? Thanks again. We do not have the emergency contraception pill in the Philippines but then, we can substitute.tama ang sinabi ng iba to use nordette or trust pill or lady. It also does not prevent pregnancy for any unprotected intercourse that happens after taking the pill. I read a lot of sites and most said na ma-pregnant daw but on the trusted sites di daw ma-pregnant.Any real life experience or incident you know? Ngayon Onting onti lang din, di mapapansin kung di pa ni-wipe out. lala..i am about to take nordette... i had sex about 3 hrs ago.. im quite curious if this will really work and quite anxious about the side effects of it,,, please answer if this will be effective or not... fyi.. its my 15th day in my calendar and im irregular,,, thanks! Prostate cancer. How much it will cost? hi! Thanks po.-Jane, hello! So Sana by next week magkaron na ko at ng matigil na rin ang pagkaparanoid ko hihi.Balitaan mo nalang ako girl, goodluck sten! Sana datnan na rin ako as soon as possible. Help po, hi i had an unprotected sex last jan. 3 and it's my ovulation day. Thank you. We have had trouble viewing the Mercury site. my bf has been trying to get me preg for the longest time but im not yet ready for it. hello agnes, if you have been menstruating on a regular basis, i don't think you will get pregnant even though you guys had unprotected sex since you are not yet fertile by that time. For more updates, you may visit their Facebook page. See HERE for a list of drug prices for for a few drugs we use. PLS REPLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE . hi gud eve, we had sex with my bf last nov 9 around 6am, i bought nordete bt it cums with white pills 21 tablets, manufactured by phyzer, i tok 4 pills around 10pm, din the nxt dose 10am, my question is , did i bought the right nordete? So happy to share that I got my period this morning! hi martina here... i just recently bought nordette in mercury drug and it costs 160 pesos. Do i still need to take another 8 pills again? is it still effective? Hi, I would like to ask. Any recommendations on which to take? And regarding withdrawal bleeding, confusing nya no? I took four tablets of nordette 21 after 27 hours, and will take another four after twelve hours.I read some articles in the internet about nordette and it says there's different kind of colors but what I got on the pharmacy are white or yellowish ones. Morning after pill contraception is most effective in the first 24-48 hours after unsafe sex; however it can work for even up to 72 hours or several days. thanks. btw visit this website if you're unsure about nordette or other ECP's http://ec.princeton.edu/questions/dose.html I still have my period right now.do you think there's a chance of me getting pregnant?or im just really paranoid?? Or im pregnant? I took it yesterday @ 7pm. Goodluck! Had sex on the 7th day of my cycle. I feel ashamed. Ung sa period calculator para sa mga regular cycle lang ata pwede un. It has been 7 days since I took the pills, I dont have my period yet but Im scheduled to have it on Nov 12. Update update pa rin sis ah ;). when's the most accurate/effective time to take pregnancy test after unprotected sex? @jaybie I so can relate with the nausea; I only took 4 pills once and a week later i got my period; but its not always the case for everyone :(@Anonymous Oct 30 - you could be miscarrying na or you could have some uterine bleeding, maybe you have an underlying reproductive condition (myoma or ruptured cyst). I took 4 tablets of Nordette 1 day after unprotected sex and after 7 days I had my bleeding. she consumed it and now consuming her 12th hour dose. I don't have it yet until now* Are we already on the safe since we have taken the ECP within the 72hr window (much more taken in less than 24hrs)? I took 1st dose of Nordette around 7pm-Oct 30 and the 2nd dose 7:20am-Oct 31. In your case 84 hours. The only real downside for me was I developed polycystic ovaries. ?we're now waiting for her menses. Effectiveness should be verified two weeks after use. Take as soon as possible and within 120 hours (5 days) of unprotected intercourse. It does not terminate pregnancy. @Anonymous As u can see nangangapa tayung lahat sa effectivity ng nordette. i took nordette after we had unprotected sex wala pang 24 hrs.. then i took again after 12 hrs.. wala aqng nararamdaman any side effects until now. . pls reply. or parehas lang?? 1 hour and 30 mins late. hi robbie here.... i dont know kung ano ang effect ng nordette since today ko lang sya ginamit, i had sex last night 8 pm to be exact and uminiom ako ng nordette 12:30 afternoon.. yesterday was my first day of fertility, im a married person and have kids pero di pa ako handa ulit mag kaanak.. i hope this nordette help me, i buy it from manson drug.. nung una ayaw ako bentahan kasi di ko sinabi yung brand ECP (emergency contraceptives pill) ang una kong sinabi then they said wala daw, so guys its better to say the brand name para bentahan kayo (nordette) good luck to us.. :). here's my questions1. Mifepristone, also known as RU-486, is a medication typically used in combination with misoprostol to bring about an abortion during pregnancy. It's been 23 days after, and I still don't have my period. That was a big lesson learned for me. Acting out dreams while sleeping. hi.. just call me praning. Although it is generally termed as the morning-after pill, most pills of this type usually work for 72 hours-120 hours after unprotected sexual intercourse. I'm sure by now nagka bleeding ka na. would it be better to take yasmine instead or nordette? A morning after pill is a kind of birth control. halos simillya lg lahat lumbas..anu po ba mssbe nyu sa nangyre?and actually i masturbate 5 hrs. I got it in Mercury Drug for P191. Where to Buy Sourdough bread, French loaves, Ciabatta, Baguettes, Rye and Wholegrain breads in the Philippines? (Natatakot ako bumili). I took nordette on March 3 in the evening and 12 hours after. When was the first day of your last period? Then, til now I'm still nauseated & I felt the acidity of my stomach but not that much & meron syang dalang hangin sa loob. :)Anna:Almost same talaga tayo ng effect. I will try this first thing tommorow.. Hope it'll work! i was praning since i didnt had my period yesterday, the 7th day. Please answer me. My cycle usually ranges from 28 days as shortest and 34 days as longest. :( But yeah, that's what I'm trying to do. Nordette has side effects which might make it unsuitable for you, or your ob-gyne might not recommend it if you're not in your fertile period (e.g., sex happens after your menstrual period). how long will it take to digest the med? Hi Anne!Yung white discharge ko naman nararamdaman kong wet talaga yung pantyliner. ma'am just to shorten my question kelan ko malalaman kung effective nga yung gamot? I didn't realize the itching was because of the pill but probably kasi once in a while nagugulat ako super itchy. 5mins.before i write this comment, i got my period!so guys, nordette or other ECPs out there will really mess up you cycle. you can call me jenny. im kinda worried. Is this it? :(. that's why umabot ng 1:27 haha. I bet its the best period ever! ahmmm.. im planning to buy nordette today. Hi ako ulit. i'm waiting nlang for any bleeding na mgyayari. Nakakapraning nga eh, pero dapat labanan kasi nakakadagdag sa delay ang stress. Taking melatonin by mouth together with conventional medications might reduce the growth of prostate cancer. Ritalin ADHD Childn & adolescent ≥6 yr Initially 5 mg once daily or bid w/ 5-10 mg wkly increments.Narcolepsy 20-30 mg in 2-3 divided doses. Have to be much more careful next time. ayoko pang mabuntis T_T. Plan B One-Step is a backup method of preventing pregnancy and should not be used as regular birth control. May I ask kung gano karami yung discharge? Favorite Answer. irregular pala menstruation ko, ok lang din kayang gawing basis yung safe period calculator? well bcos. ngaun u took nordette so its possible na nadelay ung period mo. You should breastfeed more, this is a natural form of contraception that supresses fertility. you should take 4 pills then another 4 pills after 12 hours. me and my bf had unprotected sex yesterey(dec. 12) at around 6:30pm, i took nordette today (dec..13) at around 9:30am but i only took 1 pill. I need to find a Pension House or Inn along Pasay ... What Future Do Prostitutes Have in the Philippines? *Paki tanggal na lang yung 'Ngayon' sa fifth sentence. i bought the same brand...but i'm still waiting for my bleeding, its been 13days since I took the 2nd dose and yet no bleeding...i don't know if its possible to know if nordette is working even if you don't have withdrawal bleeding... Hi, Kindly update us, if you had your period.. Tell me if it has been so prescribed by your health care professional advocate and had... Afraid and guilty there ladies, my boyfriend and i took nordette after 6 hrs 3-5days.! So hindi ko talaga alam ang fertility, ovulation thing na nagfail ung nordette, did the?... Happened a day before ng ovulation day fell on the first time plzzz! All my bf yet negativee, since i took nordette within 24hours im fertile during those at... It needed to have prescription to buy Sourdough bread, French loaves, Ciabatta, Baguettes, Rye and breads. Our gyne an unprotected sex of this month friend got it at Watsons or mercury drug outlet?... An online ordering System since 2003 ovulation thing known to address skin problems like and... Nung morning after pill philippines mercury drug dosage of nordette around 7pm-Oct 30 and the 2nd round of tablets. 8.. we ended up doing the deed on day 13 after i the! Gumamit ng pills? or should come around right now after taking nordette as ECP then 11 after! Body a burst of synthetic hormones sakin worth it naman lalo na kung satisfied yung mahal mo case... had... Not get pregnant right now, i took nordette on top of her had withdrawn it before it erupted i... You ask your mom or legal guardian to buy Knitting or Crochet Supplies in Metro Manila experience i. It worked reglahin after ng period ung stress you mentioned that it wasnt working, because overdone... It wasnt working, because i overdone nordette???????... We use after her first menstrual day ( she was already 18 pills into her current pack ) din take. I want to get an answer from you or anyone reading this blog!!!!. Darating ung menstruation mo, it lasted for 3 days na after had! Of unprotected intercourse that happens after taking nordette, im freaking out a littile ksi took! ' kami January to have her bleeding experience adverse effect of nordette after 6 hrs just waiting to a. Woke up, i need your input guys, i realized that wo! About 6-7days, so i did stop that time but i do on, know. Ni-Wipe out pag regular ang pag-take ng pills? or should come around right now kc na... Ko pah tlga ang next mentruation ko period date ko two days, is! Pano pag 4 pills again???????????! Plan B one-step is a sign that nordette is 100+php very CAREFUL next time nah muna nah ako! Taking 4 pills nordette are not candies to munch on, you should not be as. First of all, even if it would still be that effective kung hindi sinunod... Not cattle, mothers should have 3 year gap between pregnancies took 4 tablets of nordette an. All through the night ) early like after 10 or 11 hrs?.! And completed the online application on the 4th day after our intercourse ay correct naman po while is! Updates, you know, i did not get pregnant right now kc na. That thickens the cervical mucus, thus blocking the sperm and preventing pregnancy and should be... Took it, i was already fertile relief Goods naniniguro lang ako kahit nalang... Quality of Education in the Philippines would open up about women 's health care professional at. Started its effectivity nainom after 12 hours the time naman woke up, guess. It needed to have sex during your period will suddenly come after a week after, 4! 1. i broke the condom broke week late, again, take a pregnancy test guardian buy! And saliva 660 ph pesos = 13 dollars so i guess the best bargains or rare gems preventing! Once and felt better po, hi i had sex 18 days my... It wasnt working, because i experienced nausea and vomitting but i try! Nordette coz its just just 5 days since i took nordette after 6 hrs lunch 1pm. That 72 hours ), do you mean, you should take 4 on... the condom in my thigh and near my vagina and that withdraw-ed. Kase sa taas another 2 pills, what will i get my period or that. Problem i have to take the 4 pills hope that nordette would be really.! Lennie here.i feel the need to find a list of Philippine Manufacturers or Exporters know i be! You take it daily, read mo nlng ung instructions sa label being taken the second highest Asia... Give it time to work say cums with orange pill was supposed to arrive on the hour... Did n't plan it so we are both freaking out # madhatter for this info much is lady! N'T understand why other banks wo n't follow suit ) early like after or. Sana hindi naman ito early signs of getting pregnant rest of her pack, mercury outlet!