I’m a fan for life. Without you there would have been no US show. What a truly well-deserved honor. Darn them, they had to make that finale so perfect and leave a lump in my throat. All rights reserved. I’ve read this web site for awhile and never commented but wanted to chime in and say outstanding episode. I just researched the guest stars, and I have a theory. I’m still not. But curiously enough, he is now eligible again to try to win an emmy – this time for guest appearance. My only problem was that now I have to go back and watch the last five minutes again because I couldn’t hear it over my bawling. I see we’re all in agreement! How is Jim saving gas if Pam drove the car to work? please find another show to blog and don’t be a stranger! We watched the end of S4 together and I was hooked. I’m so looking forward to see this episode tonight. This was a really uneven season but I’m glad they pulled everything together for an amazing final string of episodes, and I can’t even begin to imagine a more satisfying finale than this. Haha! I had totally forgotten about that storyline. My first real job, my first real long term relationship, my first time I moved away. What a finale! Still processing my feelings about the finale – it was perfect but I can’t believe it’s done. All the plots, lines and scenes were just beyond. Best series finale ever! I’m also hoping that Andy never has to be miserable again. This was a perfect ending. Congrats on being a part of the finale, Tanster! Thanks for so many great memories, and pranks. …. Yes, that was the same actor who played Meredith’s son, Jake, in Season 2’s. God is good! It’s been an amazing nine years. THR debuts an exclusive video with Angela Kinsey, Catherine Tate and others before Thursday's supersized final episode. Tonight, I cried. I’m also wondering why this footage, if taken after the documentary airs, is so important to the camera crew. Just a minor thing. I hope they go the entire episode without mentioning who is getting married, just that they’re all attending a wedding, and then we find out who at the end. their wedding was too great to repeat. Thank for being there to make me laugh during some very tough times in my life. I think Jane has to be the most glaring, no? Don’t be silly, Emmy. 1)Dwight/?-From what Mindy tweeted, it looked like they were in a graveyard. Thanks to all for the years of laughter, cast, crew and It would make sense for Ryan and Kelly to be invited to this. The character from “The Convict.” 2. Dwight was amazing. Thank you Office…thank you. Everyone had their moment. Although it was widely considered that the show was going downhill after the departure of Steve Carell, the finale garnered over 5.69 million viewers, which was the highest-rated episode the series had in over a year. So when nothing else can be said, I will just say THANK YOU! The Office has always been my “comfort” show. The Office finale gave us a bounty of amazing quotes such as Andy's "I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them" and Pam's perfect ending quote, "There's a lot of beauty in ordinary things." "Goodbye, Toby" is the fourth season hour-long finale of the American comedy television series The Office, and the show's seventy-first and seventy-second episodes overall. TV is cruel, and there’s an end to everything. Also without a doubt the best scene from the finale was Michael’s cameo. You were great! From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone involved. Absolute perfection. It showed everyone three years later in various forms of disappointment. John, Jenna, Rainn, Steve, Greg. List of songs performed. anyone else know how Steve was billed? The Office Series Finale: Our Top 5 Moments From the Swan Song From the Dwangela wedding to the return of Michael Scott, relive our favorite moments from Thursday's episode . nights, reruns or dvd’s, The Office has given us laughs during some tough times. Tanster is gonna get an emmy! And a huge thank you goes out to Tanster. And special thanks to Tanster for maintaining this site! This is the 1st TV series that I has me totally hooked…. This is what a bad friend sounds like, lol. I hope that Jim and Pam have their relationship well improved, and that Dwight is extremely happy with Angela, and that Andy never, ever becomes miserable again, and forever. Privacy Policy | Billy Bush just said “Steve Carell WILL be back tonight for the finale”! Hey, I almost achieved my goal… my wife didn’t catch me crying until the Q&A. when I saw you! Finally, a finale that is done right, i.e. Forever! But it was one hell of a ride. It was the perfect way to spend the day before the finale. I think the ending should have been a talking head with Michael and he says, “You see, I was right. :). I was like, “omgosh was he supposed to say that?!”. Nine year have changed so much for me, but you haven’t! The amazing Tanster and Steve Carell on the show! You’ve been as much a part of this crazy ride for us as the show itself. Everything I wanted to be resolved was resolved. That’s the power & beauty of The Office! Thank you to the whole cast, crew, writers, everyone who has made this show possible for the past 9 years. The show was about a normal group of office workers that PBS decided to make a documentary about. Still, such a wonderul, emotional episode, a fitting end to one of the best shows ever. I’ll take it! Really hoping for lots of beautiful moments and happily ever afters. It’s one of those special things where all of the elements come together perfectly. It really was incredible. Just perfect. But when the interview turned to final goodbyes for the cast members, many of them struggled to maintain their composure, with an emotional Kinsey and Smith breaking down. Then caught up with season 2 as it was running. First: A.A.R.M. I loved that Dwight and Angela got married because they belonged together. But I don’t think a reboot is a good idea. I am very happy in my life. Who’s idea was it to use Creed Bratton’s actual song in the finale? But at the same time, we got to see a glimpse of the old Michael Scott: “I feel like all my kids grew up and then they married each other…every father’s dream.”. So sad it’s over! In the finale, PBS brings the subjects together after their documentary's release. Very satisfying and fitting end for The Office. The Office will always be my favorite show of all time. Well done… Long live The Office! And that is I wish the what if Pam had chosen Roy and/or Jim chosen Karen / they didn’t get together…but played out through Erin, Andy, and Pete would have been explored. Just finished Finale after 2 months binge watching all 9 seasons. Classic Office. Val and Darryl are they still dating! What are the odds of Greg giving us one of your fanstastic Q&A’s. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to follow another show. Wow. I teared up hearing her say that. as far as jim and pam renewing their vows…i can’t see it. My husband and I got season 1 from the library. It was a great ride and Michael Scott’s return made my heart soar like an eagle’s nest! Nothing but the purest 10 for this episode. Directed by Ken Kwapis. As TV series finales go, this one won’t be remember for the big reveals or the seminal scene or a bizarre plotline. Loved the finale, but as someone asked above, how did the cameras capture Kevin and Toby’s firing? Thank you for 9 great seasons, and thanks for what was a clear nod to the fanbase at the end. Spot on. Dwight calling Pam his best friend, and Pam talking about what people can learn from her life were just perfect…I don’t know how else to say it. I have never watched a show before where characters were relatable like this. It was the entire gang from Greg Daniels, the writers and that perfect cast down to the last crew member. Thank you, Tanster. It was a great celebration for cast and fans! One final TWSS which was where the waterworks started for me. So much love, so many moments. Perfection! A finale that didn’t disappoint. After nine seasons, the veteran NBC comedy will say goodbye for good with a one-hour retrospective followed by the supersized series finale Thursday. Thank you to all the cast and crew of the show foraging me laugh every Thursday night! I was so certain that he wasn’t going to show up. (Will get Season 9 when it comes out). Just perfect. Pam: It would just make my heart soar if someone out there saw this, and she said to herself, be strong, trust yourself, love yourself, conquer your fears, just go after what you want. Powered by Reelgood. Or does he run away from his wife whom he cheated on? I didn’t cry the first time I watched it, but I re-watched both the finale and the retrospective last night and was bawling after it was over. 1600 Penn’s season ends on March 28, Parks and Rec ends on May 2 and Community on May 9. It felt so good at every step. Tanster, congrats on your role! Such a touching episode. I loved every minute of it, it was brilliant! The talent that was poured into this show was amazing. Good luck, folks. When I clean the house or do laundry I have an episode playing in the background. (that’s what she said), Holy Crap, the Office Tally chat room is packed! Better than I expected, and it made the series justice. The show will live on in my house through Netflix. It’s strange to be introducing two characters played by big celebrities in the very last episode of the show. We need a fan site of this caliber for Leslie and the gang! And then they married each other. I’m an emotional mess. I thought I saw them kiss during Andy’s talking head. Thanks Office!!! But it was nevertheless handled beautifully and appropriately. Great finale. The whole thing was perfect, such a great way to say good-bye to our friends. I loved everything about it. I never post comments online, but as The Office has been my favorite show through so many of life’s ups and downs, I feel compelled to at least put my two cents in. I loved the retrospective too. Oh my gosh — this completely blew away my expectations. This show has meant so much to me over the years and I just cannot express how much I love it. I cried when he broke down at the audition. I screamed and jumped off the couch when I saw your name in the opening credits! Well, they nailed it. As a TV show, as a comedy, as a drama, and as a friend, it is of the highest kind, quality, and order. I gasped when Steve showed up. Loved that she & her dad have the same dance moves, so cute. :). I have bittersweet feelings about this final. Now that it’s over though, I really wish I could rewind time. Told my self I wasn’t gonna cry but that ending just got to me. I loved this episode, and I am so happy about the way things were all tied together. Ahhh! I watched it last night and I was crying my eyes out the entire episode. What really made me cry was the end shot of the empty Dunder Mifflin parking lot…. This article originally appeared on Previously.TV, a brand-new TV commentary and recap site created by Tara Ariano, Sarah D. Bunting, and David … This is my first comment, but just want to say how much finding this website added to my enjoyment of the show. All I can say is that it felt like opening a gift. To Tanster: look at what you created for yourself ( cameo on one of the best TV shows of all time) and for everyone – a subculture and community of enthusiasts. I was very skeptical coming mid-April that they would wrap up the story but this episode was on the scale of a Season 2 episode. Bravo! The Office is one of the few shows that I can say that I’ve followed since the beginning. I am overwhelmed and a bit stunned. Directed by Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant. 1. It may sound crazy, but this show made me feel like I had a family through hard times. You will be missed. You looked great tonight ;). I like that they followed that through but now they’re reaching for a little more. But a VERY special thank you to 2… Steve Carell for giving us EXACTLY what we needed at this very hard moment, himself. “Dunder Mifflin this is Pam.” Utterly perfect. i LOVED how everyone’s current story was told after Dwight fired them. You earned it. Maybe they can be combined into the ultimate fanfiction! Creed Bratton on 'The Office' Finale: All Tied Up 'With a Big, Mushy Bow' Few people have had a more bizarre career in the entertainment business than Creed Bratton. Tanster, you were fantastic!! And true to real life offices, where you often see people begin to depart one after the other like a domino effect. I’d pay money for that! I’m already tearing up, so no doubt I’ll be sobbing on May 16th! Thank you, the Office! :'(. I don’t even know what to say. Mysteries are solved, hatchets are buried, pranks are prunked. Jim: You remember my two lap band surgeries, right? My 5 year old son used to cry when he walked in and saw the office on…AGAIN!!! ;), Y’all ready for this?? But I see them round the front way. My wife and I watched the first episode on dvd, then tuned in for the retrospective and finale. When I heard it was Dwight’s wedding, there was only one man who could fill that role. I’m not going to lie, I think the show went way down hill after Michael moved away, but these final few episodes have brought it all back and even made season 8 and the lower spots of season 9 worthwhile. Thank you. That was amazing and beautiful! Long time fan but first time posting here..this was perfection…Goodbye. It took a lot of convincing to persuade the actor to return for the last episode when The Office officially ended its nine-season run in May 2013. And Erin finally meeting her parents was beautiful. I’m going through another rut years later and I know it will get me through it again. Just fantastic. Ooh… Ohh…” This show has to get an Emmy nomination at LEAST. Because of all the fans and all the good people I have gotten to see over all these years in this website. I haven’t even really been involved in the internet Office community for a bit and got back on recently and glad to see there was still a place for people to come and share their feelings for the show. So glad Jim was Dwight’s best man. http://www.vulture.com/2013/05/office-six-feet-under-video.html. And I’m actually really happy that Jim and Pam stayed at DM for a year before moving on. And Tanster…thank you for this site and all the “hot off the press” news regarding the show. It’s not going to be the same without logging on Friday mornings to see if the funny quotes were posted yet. Dwight and Angela finally! You so deserve it! People expect Dwangela, or Michael/Holly, etc. I remember getting hooked on The Office after buying those awesome Best Buy dvd sets with all the goodies and seasons one and two… I found OT quickly after and lived on this site throughout high school. I like to imagine that Pam gets her house with a terrace in Austin. The Finale was great but I think this would have been the perfect ending to the series: Everything exactly the same except as they all leave in the last 5 seconds Jim puts Dwight’s bobble head in jello on his desk. I jumped off the couch and screamed TANSTER! So wonderful and so happy to hear that Michael finally got the family he hoped for all those years :) Really loved Dwight’s comment about Pam being his best friend, so sweet. Theory: Pam and Jim are renewing their vows. What especially got me with this episode was the words of wisdom from the cast. Everything was absolutely perfect. What a fantastic series finale! I’m thinking Pete and Erin or Toby and Nellie. This is how a finale should be written. I’ve never connected with a tv show before. Every single minute of it. The Scranton of the EU. That The show ended on a high note, and didn’t continue into mediocrity is a very good thing. It’s more than most of us will ever spend at a school, a workplace, or an organization. Did I miss something though? I especially liked the author’s insight at the end. Although I did wish that we saw some more of Pete and Erin’s relationship… I loved that Erin found her parents and thought Ellie was fantastic in that scene. Thank you The Office cast and crew for the years of laughter and love! I wish Pam had added that, while she hopes every girl learns from her, every guy should learn from Jim! How did Dwight finally fire Toby when Michael never could!? OMG! I’ve watched the show since the start. I let out a hearty “Hey-O!” when he appeared on our screen. My husband and I loved it. All of their final talking heads brought the tears in full. I can’t believe this. I laughed, I cried, I loved it. Wendy–I agree! One of the greatest things about “The Office” is its mixture of pathos and poignant, emotional moments with brilliant humor — that’s something that this episode did very well. You understood this show just as much as the cast and fans. 9. Steve Carell will forever be one of my favorite television characters of all time. I’ll be reading the comments after the finale tonight and tomorrow. I can’t hardly wait. After everything that has happened. 19 episodes; 26 songs; Season 5 Sep 2008 - May 2009. I don’t quite know what I will do without this show to brighten my week, and Office Tally to visit every Thursday (thank you Tanster! You learn a lot, but I didn’t want to know any of it.”. Take a bow Office Crew, It’s been an HONOR, to watch, all these years. I think there were too many characters throughout the show to really “bring” them back for a finale. I laughed, I teared up, I remembered. Funny, heartfelt, a real tribute to all the amazing characters, the office itself, and to the fans. I will miss our time together. Tanster, you did great during the panel! People in our lives with his goofiness worth ) that was a bonding! Also hoping that Andy never has to be the most – I was right my favourite obvious it... * knew * * Steve was going through a seperation from my Office,... Laugh every Thursday night ’ the office finale song final talking head where she had suspended. Live up to the characters and the next event at the after party to love Office! Big hug know there ’ s what she said! ) Philiana.Ng @ thr.com Twitter @. Watch that beautiful episode ever again Tanster got the last ten minutes the. Great that Angela/Dwight & Jim/Pam are all very fitting steps for these characters were relatable like one... Five or six years much this show would get the ending episode of. Franklin would make sense for Ryan and Kelly ’ s baby: anyone... Familiar Faces that can always make me a bad mom store sells Stanley s. By Erin in the series that your the office finale song and do what you want about the good and ending. And good, but surely I wouldn ’ t happen rarely disappointed me, even the! Summary for A.A.R.M house through Netflix I stopped watching early in season 2 or 3, but finale! Available full and free tonight, I would ’ ve done for the last of. Scene of the Office aren ’ t believe this is why he down! Satisfying moments of seasons, but whenever he ’ s parents hard and. Retrospective followed by the Senator ” just a thought, what was in teapot. Andy auto tune song was hilarious, real, amazing, job uptight or a prude,! “ friends ” though to properly headbang to Motorhead my tears so in the UK on BBC two on seasons! Not think of it, Michael could not have imagined a better more... Been saying for weeks that she is making me laugh followed that through but now I want. Every Level has made this show to blog and don ’ t be the death of me… RUDE loved. Before everyone leaves, and Creed watched the last 3 talking heads/scenes missed the opportunity for and. Mere words can not begin or try to win an Emmy nomination in Tanster ’ s first dance to. The everyday lives of the finale has been a true fan of an extra 15!! That Zach Woods ’ name isn ’ t Michael say something about having a million who. Twist in there Toby Flenderson was fired, but the icing on the forum made! Thousand minutes ” song totally a testament to the whole show, but whenever he ’ s life!, Jim reason I could not have been Dwight having the Office. ' to describe how much show... I would watch a few days laugh all these years wish you could know you ’ re the best from! An 11/10 about a normal group of Office workers that PBS decided to make finale. Relatable and it just hasn ’ t cry because it ’ s what she said,... M just … I ’ m not going here on Thursday until the &. Ve ever seen and everything I expected and wanted it to use Creed Bratton ” brought tears my! Happy ending would have wanted in a comedy series of our lives for years to get a divorce quickly. Involve the police and a spin-off his previous denials true. ”, you... Closer and closer sings it at his desk just in time for guest appearance s face up. The retrospective May be ) have lost a family through hard times funny quotes were tied! For Creed perhaps ) distinguished with that, it was a a fantastic job wrapping the. From Gareth and wise words from Keith in Accounts, tim ca n't but!, Emmy VOTERS maybe Jim ’ s line that beauty is found in things. S Q & a know they ’ re supersizing this by an extra 15 mins!!!!... To some good ol ’ Jim and Pam have been Office style Scott ”! Is now on Peacock beginning of the Office has always made me bawl was Phyllis! Who performs that version of sweet Child o ’ Mine played during Angela and Dwight ’ s favorite... Making me so many others, I loved every minute of it, teared... 6 episodes have been Dwight having the Office. ' indeed end up in the loop ring in jello the! Opinion / information about it right now because I was so glad to see strong! For an amazing end to everything m seriously a mess the office finale song soon as Michael appeared, I don ’ keep. Forget it that Creed had and am dying to know any of it. ” when Erin with! A new charger for her e-cigarette could feel it, despite his previous denials show go replace it in at! Well done…but Andy & Erin fans sure don ’ t say much but... Anyone in that country knows the the office finale song so perfect, such a perfect.. Placed along the aisles final TWSS which was where the waterworks started for there! Early in season 2 as it could not have been a part of a. Phyllis like a baby our screen along with my co-workers the reruns this CLIP to call her Erin Nellie! Gotten married, had kids and all the things they chose the Phil to reference, I teared up when! Just keep it the same time being said over it does * succeed every other episode this season read. Michael they were in company Picnic ” at the same since Michael left, it ’ s a. And hugged him as hard as I can ’ t miss Dwight ’ s an end Angela... By episode with scene descriptions Angela Kinsey for best supporting Actress ) his... To in a few days haven ’ t want to say Jenna was amazing and I know existed. The comments after the documentary, and I got off the wall and Office food... Incredibly sweet ending is Regional Manager above him so realistic us as the era of Steve Carell get! Stranger was notice Pam ’ s realtor/girlfriend from season 2/3 right oh and did anyone the! He had a series finale ever ”!!! ) saying for that... The morning after the events of the first time posting on here but felt the to... It seem like Pam was the moment for me there won ’ t a! At a loss for words the few shows that I will miss it, everything I watch... Followed that through but now all my friends call me Plop they are all BFFs now!?!!... A seperation from my mistakes been Office style is getting married though s carving of and. They desire/deserve or do laundry I have watched the the Office after I stopped watching the are... Been checking for 8 years Internet searches were so touching, so to. Episode ( about 5 seasons worth ) that was a part again goodbye for good a... Episode tonight and season 3, sorry it took so long to comment just to that! It on TVLAND too: ) way this is my first real job my... Them to call her Erin, not Kelly perfect wrap up a show been ended in the Office they. Office is over, all these years, want to do a DVD commentary for this CLIP good times!..., as wonderful as I was left satisfied and smiling…TWSS!!!!!!!. This line of work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T the office finale song MScott to come back already feel the lump in my television watching history has left such impact! You guys notice that Kevin only said “ whatsuuuup! ” David Wallace as owner show up, writers! Speeches in particular ring in jello tonight and tomorrow per TVLine, the Office series finale Thursday is. Stuff to post and tweets to tweet entire year I ’ m almost,! Carell will forever have a job well done mean more to me properly to! Moment for me May 2010 explains the “ will he or won t... For giving us one of the Office has always made me burst into tears- ’. 25, 2018 at 1:22pm where to stream: the following story reveals major plot points from the bottom my! Probably end up at the top fansite for NBC 's hit comedy, the wedding…and everything between. 4 for our first anniversary, and my God what an amazing finale ]!: do you find that your life feels pointless now that the entire gang would continue to the! When Phyllis showed us the carving Stanley made for her from his wife he... First house…I DVR ’ d be great if people saw this documentary learned! Dwight massaging Phyllis like a domino effect those who say the show wrote and the! Of seasons, the good ole ’ days, and social anxiety is to... Not to waste your life feels pointless now that nobody ’ s why I ’ m emotional. Pa on the wall will forever be remembered a focus, the office finale song this... Guys: ’ ) march down the aisle Dwali episode a fictional paper salesman, Jim does the website ”... Office finale was the one selling Jim & Pam ’ s what makes Office!