Some of these did not include Rin for whatever the circumstance, which allowed for Sesshomaru to gradually show off his romantic interest for Hisoka. Here are some character art from the official Japanese website: "Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon," or "Hanyō no Yashahime," is scheduled for release during Japan's fall season later in the year. He ignored the assertion. Seeing her again so appreciative of the ominous demon and the fact Sesshomaru was genuine in trying to connect them, she thanked him for taking such good care of Rin and gave him a familiar smile. © 2021 ABS-CBN Corporation. Chat. maybe a daughter, but definitely a friend. 《殺生丸には、娘がいる。》 Text. Expecially when they find out that an old 'friend' had returned. Replies. She, and the spectating Jaken, nervously awaited his response to her outburst, but he resumed his leave without a word. Rin witnessed her parents and brothers being savagely murdered by thieves when she was still young. Having that said, Hisoka is also the mother of Towa and Setsuna. She was thanked, but it was immediately dropped into Jaken's hands, who reminded the pouting woman that it's inappropriate food for his lord. However, when questioned if he had anyone to protect, Sesshōmaru told his father that he did not. "The daughters of Sesshomaru and Inuyasha set out on a journey transcending time! VampireMeerkat expressed not to like either possibility of it being Rin or a random stranger, Rin has only disobeyed Sesshomaru once (during the river incident) and is usually very obedient to him. In the following year, Hisoka was allowed to claim a home in the village and built up a more prominent relationship with Rin -thanks to Sesshomaru's involvement- though also with Sesshomaru himself. VampireMeerkat expressed not to like either possibility of it being Rin or a random stranger. In Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, Sesshomaru has half-demon twin daughters, Setsuna and Towa. Hisoka is a fancharacter and the biological mother of the canon character, Rin; not to be confused with the woman that was murdered by thieves alongside the rest of her family. As this was her first gift from Sesshomaru in the time they've known each other, let alone the first gift she's received from anyone ever, she was especially flattered by it. Rin's father regretted choosing her as his "pity wife", since no one other man in his village had such a distracting marriage and their maturity levels differed greatly, giving them little to bond over. Setsuna is a demon slayer. Hisoka didn't understand what other food someone could eat and kept experimenting, even giving him typical dog snacks, which were even less appreciated. She promised her daughter not to make her beloved lord obsolete, earning her points with her as well. Created by VampireMeerkat. They were over. Like Father & Daughter: Sesshomaru and Rin Stories. "In Feudal Japan, Half-Demon twins Towa and Setsuna are separated from each other during a forest fire. The TV anime "Inuyasha" was inspired by the manga of the same name written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi. Shortly afterwards, Rin showed up to bring her a gift as well; a kimono with white fur rims. She gathered what she could for her planned journey to finding a better home, hoping to meet up with her parents one day. Rin picked up on it and asked him why he wanted to give her a mother so badly, stating to be fine with things the way they are. Focus: Anime/Manga Inuyasha, Since: 01-02-06. She couldn't get behind the idea, but Sesshomaru claimed not to care. She was little more but a friendly bystander during her first few weeks in the village, and the absence of experience made her unsure on how to approach her like a mother, let alone find an approach that wasn't intrusive. Yes! Jaken promised her that "not even a giant diamond on a bun would be worthy of entering his body", which Hisoka treated as a hint. The Viz Media English synopsis reads:"The daughters of Sesshomaru and Inuyasha set out on a journey transcending time! Nobody had the resources to help her, it was everyone for themselves. Rin remarked he's always been overprotective of Sesshomaru, but she nor Hisoka thought much of the loaded comment. He talked with his father following the battle with Ryūkotsusei, demanding the two swords be handed over to him. That same night, Hisoka couldn't fall asleep and her thoughts were with the situation she had inadvertently created and was no clear conclusion to. Reply. Inuyasha Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. It was first aired locally on ABS-CBN, dubbed in Tagalog, in 2002 before moving to the now defunct-anime channel, Hero TV, three years later. 12 talking about this. Is it okay Kagome-san? Rin and I both said in unison and we … Founder: anaemicfaeries - Stories: 23 - Followers: 0 - id: 26758 This is the haven for all those little Rin and Sesshomaru stories that are just like the title suggests! TheDramaticOne October 7, 2015 at 8:21 AM. Nephra is very much like her mother Rin and only wants to see people happy and safe. Finally, something fell, something fell from his eyes, a tear.. Sesshomaru Taisho was crying. hanyou no yashahimeinuyashaSesshomaruRinKohakuTowaSetsunaanti sessrinthey are all his childrenand no he did NOT have his biological daughters with his adopted daughterHe has an affinity with children in a healthy waythis is the Sesshoumaru I want to remember :) 307 notes MANILA -- It's a beloved Japanese anime series, which many young Filipinos were introduced to when it was first aired on the Kapamilya network, dubbed in Tagalog, back in the early 2000s. She felt like an outsider. Nevertheless, she found Sesshomaru and Rin together the next day, with gifts in hand. Father and daughter makes sense since he is raising her. She was so traumatized that she lost her voice and became a mute. At his next visit, Hisoka decided to have a stern talk with him about this insensitive plan, but his apparent lack of care made her lose her cool. He saw his father as the ultimate opponent, wishing to defeat him in combat and take his two legendary swords, Tessaiga and Sō'unga. He decided to help her by taking Rin on a leisure trip and letting her tag along. Hisoka granted him twin daughters not long afterwards. Sesshomaru still brought along presents and Hisoka managed to involve Rin with her quest of creating a meal for him to eat. Reply Delete. It was also aired in another local network in 2014. She was conceived on October 7, 2020 in the form of an answered question at Tumblr, but made no official appearances yet. When Sesshomaru saves her he integrates vulnerability into his life, since this also makes him vulnerable because he can be hurt through Rin. Sesshomaru begins to grow more fatherly towards Rin and she becomes much like a daughter. She's 19 years old when Sesshomaru finds her and her attire becomes more luxurious when he starts bringing her presents. He has placed Rin (now a young woman) in suspended animation within the Tree of Ages for unknown reasons, although he continues to watch … Their second daughter entered the world and Rin collapsed back against Sesshomaru. "Iie! Though Hisoka couldn't decipher if her efforts were being recognized at all, Jaken's request to stop "seducing his lord" helped her guess as much. you know. and why do people keep saying that he likes her romantically shes like 8!!! Sesshomaru responded "friendship" not to describe it, to which Rin chimed in they're even closer. Don't tell me that she's obedient to him because he's her guardian. Created by VampireMeerkat. The spinoff anime was confirmed Friday via the launch of its Japanese website, as well as by Viz Media, the US company that secured the rights to stream it in both North and Latin America. Sesshomaru repeated not to be her father, but she was convinced Rin was waiting for him to fulfill this role. Sesshomaru and Rin | Source: Fandom Plus, Setsuna’s character design does resemble an adult Rin. The "again" aspect caught her attention and Jaken shared with her some of the past events. Hisoka was in awe by his ability, but expressed it was dangerous and he could've burned her. Rin symbolizes vulnerability. Iie! She didn't want to be anyone's partner and couldn't deny that the baby was better off in the hands of two adults, so decided to return to her neighbouring town of birth and embrace poverty again. AboutCareersPrivacyTermsContact UsAdvertise With Us, About Inuyasha and Sesshomaru's daughters? But to Towa's shock, Setsuna appears to have lost all memories of her older sister. After the treatment, she was brought food by Rin, but neither girls felt any kind of suspicion upon seeing each other's similar facial features. sure! Jaken intervened again and said a human village to be unsuitable for a demon of his prestige, yet a necessary haven for humans, like Rin. She was playful, generous, pretty optimistic, even when afraid or unsure, yet somewhat stubborn and with a short attention span. It will be following Moroha, i.e., Kagome and Inuyasha’s daughter, which was not surprising; what was surprising was that the series also features Towa and Setsuna, the twin daughters of Sesshomaru! Replies. He suggested moving some of their meetings away from prying eyes. He said to do this gradually and make sure he wouldn't be missed. 38.9K 1K 84. As an adult, there are slivers of this personality to be found, but she mostly shows off cautiousness by speaking little -though kindly- to strangers. Not wanting to interrupt, she retreated inside the home. Nevertheless, he met a woman during her late pregnancy; a relationship that received a public and more official announcement. Follow. The True Owner of the Great Sword! I see Sesshomaru and Rin as Father and Daughter and this song is very special to me because of that. Rin chose to join Sesshomaru's journey when she was 15. Reunión de Sesshomaru, Zero y Kirinmaru. Nephra is a true princess whom loves life and the beauty of the world. Hisoka couldn't say if there was truth in that statement, so with that, the two had the last word and left. As Rin showed great affection and respect for him in particular, the comment confused her. he asked Rin while smiling. Unfollow. Video. "In Feudal Japan, Half-Demon twins Towa and Setsuna are separated from each other during a forest fire. And no doubt that those same Filipino fans will be delighted to know that "Inuyasha" is inspiring a sequel, taking place years after the events of the original, titled "Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon. now, can we go back to walking so that we could get home soon? She was young when Rin was conceived and her age barely touched the border of what was acceptable in the time period. Her creation was a response to the release of the 2020 spin-off series, Yashahime, in which the mother of Sesshomaru's twin daughters has not yet been made public. Reply. Nevertheless, now that they accepted the truth and Rin wasn't an orphan anymore, Sesshomaru expressed his belief to Hisoka that Rin was better off in a human village with her; and the plan of joining his travels should no longer be entertained. Sesshomaru and Rin together resolved the crises and lived a happy life afterwards. Hisoka didn't like the idea of him erasing himself without a word, as he was still a prominent part of her life. Rin x Sesshomaru fanpage! As a child, Hisoka was identical to Rin. Sesshomaru admitted that Rin would be of no use to him and she'd be safer in the village. She never spoke to the people in the village she was raised in, so the villagers often got frustrated with her strange behavior and acted harshly. Hisoka wasn't sure whether to be truthful or lie about the matter, but it bothered her and she made sure to tell Sesshomaru that Rin was already missing him. Kagome screamed as Rin's legs slowly fell to the floor. That evening, Sesshomaru woke the bedridden woman up with his sudden presence. Sesshomaru insisted Hisoka is her mother and a young human like herself needs her parents above anything else. Hisoka has long black hair in a low ponytail, brown eyes, and a face similar to Rin's. While the former sought after specific items and could be defeated with swords and fights, the latter was to destroy the world of yokai once and for all and seemed inevitable. Sesshomaru walked slowly to the kitchen table and found an album full of memories of Rin and him, and him, Rin and Ayashi as a family. Sesshomaru happened to be nearby and Hisoka's open wounds gave off a familiar scent he couldn't ignore. Their similarities were picked up on, and with Rin eventually telling her her past, they became convinced of their connection. He met with her reluctance to confess to have a daughter at all and she wanted to know where his interest in her came from, as they were strangers to each other. 2020年秋放送開始予定! It's actually called No Bridges, for reasons un-understood by me. She sprinted back inside the house to retrieve and give Sesshomaru a ring with a small gemstone. She spoke to Rin, lying at the other side of the room, that she couldn't think of a reason why she shouldn't travel with Sesshomaru when she's older, since an adult doesn't need their mother to steer their life for them. Setsuna, one of Sesshomaru’s twin daughters. Her creation was a response to the release of the 2020 spin-off series, Yashahime, in which the mother of Sesshomaru's twin daughters has not yet been made public. Against her wishes, Sesshomaru carried her back to Kaede's village to have her wounds checked, but not before telling her to be coming back with some questions "concerning her daughter", startling her. After revealing to her that the young villager from earlier was possibly her child, her expression turned into shock, and she gave in by telling him of the father's promise that he and his new wife would take care of Rin. Okay then it's settled. He claimed her answer could mean alot to someone important to him and their scent was similar. From that moment on, he consistently brought her presents alongside Rin's. Though Rin never turned her away or expressed not to like her, Hisoka noticed she had assigned the role of caretaker to other characters, like Sesshomaru and Kaede, and wouldn't look her up when in need of something. At the same time, he's not enjoyed alot of company or been able to trust people in general, which made winning over Rin her biggest struggle. With Rin out of sight, she asked Sesshomaru if the offer of taking her along was still on the table. After defeating Naraku, Sesshomaru decides to let Rin reside at Kaede’s village so that she can adapt to human life. Oct 15, 2014 - Explore CatDemonKayo's board "Sesshomaru and Rin" on Pinterest. While it was confirmed that Inuyasha and Kagome had a child together, the identity of who Sesshomaru eventually has two daughters with has been kept … First story details of 'Inuyasha' sequel revealed, Inuyasha, Yashahime Princess Half-Demon, Inuyasha. She is a small, poor, average-looking orphan girl. All posts. She also has unconditional affection and honesty, typical for children. sure I said smiling. Still, as she's a human and he an intimidating demon lord, there was still some hesitation to be found. After a moment of silence and with Hisoka clearly not knowing how to progress the conversation, he asked if she wished to stay and get to know Rin. Hisoka argued that safety is obviously not a factor considered by Rin, to which he replied it should be, as he's unable to resurrect her again if she dies. yah! Rin asked with hopeful eyes. you could be our adopted daughter, what do you think? When the weeks completed another year, Hisoka decided that his many gifts and their interactions left no room for further hesitation. Sesshomaru and Rin Father-Daugher or Husband-Wife - YouTube Sesshomaru still believed not to have a place in the human village, but promised to set up a safe haven nearby for her and Rin to reside at, where he too could become a proper addition to their lives. "Ten years later, the tunnel that connects the two eras has reopened, allowing Towa to be reunited with Setsuna, who is now a Demon Slayer working for Kohaku. All Rights Reserved. While it raised no suspicion with any of the other characters, Rin was keeping track. Rin grew tired of the pointless figuring out and Jaken eating it every time, so asked Sesshomaru to help and give them a request. But in … Thinking Rin was in trouble, he showed up and instantly killed the beast, but turned around to see Hisoka instead. By the time he had managed to fight his way out from under the pile of debris and demon corpses, the battle was long over. Sesshomaru replied the ring would look better on a finger, to which Hisoka explained it's too big for her or Rin. -Kurose INFORMATION Rin managed to have a moment with his daughters (Towa and Setsuna) The master's arm is no longer skinny: V Sesshomaru and Kirinmaru grabbing madness. They were just laughing the whole time. She initially gave the busy Sesshomaru the benefit of the doubt, but started to think it was on purpose. She told him not to know the value, as she found it in the forest a while back, but wished him a pleasant dinner. Filter by post type. As Sesshomaru is a demon with delayed ageing, she asked him to consider settling down in the village and continue his grandiose plans at a later time. Hisoka wished to ask more about Rin's previous home and family to figure out if she's indeed the baby she left behind, but didn't think it to be appropriate to pry this early in time. Hisoka was quickly cast aside, but given the opportunity to reclaim her childhood by giving up their baby to him and his more appropriate wife. As weeks went by, Sesshomaru became more coaxed into staying longer and for different events, but could've done without the villagers judging them. There she discovered that her parents had left and the simple shed she once lived in was stripped clean by the opportunistic residents. Kagome cried out. Her past doesn't hold many happy memories and being a young discarded mother ate at her. Thinking it was his way of apologizing, she copied the mentality and made sure to have food prepared for him every time, though nothing she cooked peaked his interest and was left untouched. The absence of an answer made her panic, and Hisoka tried to control the situation by commenting on their close friendship. She's never been able to give an answer to the question if she should've kept Rin, though she agrees with herself that being married off was the worst thing that happened to her. He didn't speak upon laying eyes on her and she was visibly on edge to be in the presence of another demon, though decided to thank her stone-faced saviour. See more ideas about sesshomaru, rin, rin and sesshomaru. At the next visit, Hisoka was late with her edible present and barely finished the pastry on time to hand it over. The name of their mother has yet to be revealed, but many fans suspect the mother to be Rin. She decided to be carefully optimistic and involve herself with Rin's daily businesses. Her hair is flatter than hers, but it's recognizably frizzy down low. She asked if being with Rin doesn't count as such, to which he gave no response. Ran is the daughter of a Lord. Hisoka was conflicted, since the idea of being with him was as to give her a slightly better life, though being pushed into adulthood and marrying a stranger was never a fair trade in her eyes. She is a half demon … Sesshomaru apparently left them to fend for themselves in the wilderness at a young age, as part of a rite of passage. Grid View List View. She asked Kaede and Sesshomaru on how they earned her trust, but Kaede said everyone depends on her as the priestess of the village, while Sesshomaru stated not to see Rin as his daughter and never pretended to be her father. Rin and Hisoka met up the next day -with the announcement they were likely related. Rumiko is very clear in both the manga and anime the relationship of Sesshomaru and Rin is father and daughter... Delete. There’s a theory going around that the identity of the mother was in the title all along. He didn't hesitate to take the first step and skips visits. As she managed to survive by herself and through the many hardships, it can be said she's hard-working and resourceful. being the youngest child of Sesshomaru isnt always easy, expecially when you are the only halfdemon. Nothing changed and Rin became convinced of her earlier worries, but was unsure on how to make Sesshomaru feel needed enough to reinstate the usual routine. After her mother died when she was young, her father raised her to be a perfect bride. Photos and fanfiction He dearly wanted offspring above anything else, and as he had been single for many years already, the young Hisoka was burdened with his desire. They faced a group of demon enemies and simultaneously the enemy called fate. Rin clarified he didn't eat human food and she'd never even seen him eat. She added to have one like it and they're their new clothes for the Winter. This comment has been removed by the author. Reply. She was alone and had to start from scratch. Rin!" But while Inuyasha fans can most likely guess who was the mother to Inuyasha's children, there's a big question as to who the isolated Sesshomaru ended up having kids with for this new series. Also Inuyasha is over 50 years older than Kagome and regardless of who Sesshomaru … Sesshōmaru was the son of Tōga and another Inu Daiyōkai. Hisoka felt she was to blame and asked Kaede if it made sense for her to leave, which earned her a scolding. Ayoshi Higurashi, daughter of a demon and human. TheDramaticOne October 7, 2015 at 8:25 AM. She handed Jaken the baby. ", TVアニメ『半妖の夜叉姫』は、 When she was old enough to be wed she was sent on a... Half-Breed Yokai . Though lonely and somewhat disappointed, Hisoka still resented them for forcing her with an adult man, and only ever attributed her search for them as to return to familiar normalcy. Nephra is the daughter of Sesshomaru and Rin, she is also the twin sister of Zephra. It made her feel more responsible for destroying this pre-existing relationship. Though Nephra is an excellent fighter, she has no desire to be the most powerful demon nor does she care to conquer an empire. - Sesshomaru and Rin voice actors were bantering and teasing for the most part when Narita joked that Towa might resemble Rin. See more ideas about sesshomaru, rin and sesshomaru, rin. "The daughters of Sesshomaru and Inuyasha set out on a journey transcending time! Follow. Rin replied that Sesshomaru likely never planned on taking her along anyway, as she'd be a liability on his journey to building his empire. sesshomaru rin … Her daughter instantly understood the logic applied and applauded her "cleverness", while Jaken was left speechless. He was to be wed with Kagura next week. Meeting of Sesshomaru, Zero and Kirinmaru. Before that, she mainly wore simple kosodes with faded colours and had no shoes. Even when the villagers would beat or scold her, Rin remained submissive and unresponsive. just stop and try to actually imagine.....Sesshomaru with rin? it … Their devotion turned them both in better cooks and they made sure their work to be visually pleasing at the very least, though Sesshomaru never gave them more but a meagre thanks. While stuffing his face with it. She believed to had lost that right and not be a suitable mother, but Sesshomaru argued for her young age and that of Rin; giving them enough time to build up a relationship. "Joined by Moroha, the daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome, the three young women travel between the two eras on an adventure to regain their missing past.". Most popular Most recent. He built them a mansion, and when he believed to had found loyal demon guards to protect the area, they were invited to move in. While desperately searching for her younger sister, Towa wanders into a mysterious tunnel that sends her into present-day Japan, where she is found and raised by Kagome Higurashi's brother, Sota, and his family. ティザーサイトはこちら↓半妖の夜叉姫 Photo. She figured there to be no good reason not to try, though expressed worry for having nothing to offer her, especially now she's homeless again. Sesshomaru became more convinced of their blood-relation the more he examined Hisoka's mannerisms and interests, but noticed the two weren't progressing in any meaningful way. Quote. As Sesshōmaru lay wounded, a young human girl seems to care for his well being, and despite Sesshōmaru's rebuke and defensive stance, she gives him food and water. When Sesshomaru planned to punish her attempt at confronting him by turning around without having seen Rin at all, she threw a rock at him. This plagued her with nightmares and a general fear of humans. 3. this is how the series went right (pls don’t tag as sess/rin) keikoarts . This instilled some dread with Hisoka. Another year passed with much having stayed the same. Inuyasha and Kagome are Shippo's guardians, and yet Shippo is not obedient to Inuyasha and Kagome. She is similar to Sesshomaru in the sense she doesn't need people around her and believes there are more benefits to being alone, yet feels emotionally attached to those who show her kindness.