All rights reserved. Let us take a look at the individual pages of the final product to get a sense of how the application will work. The data-inset="true" attribute makes the listview look like an inset module, while data-filter="true" adds a dynamic search filter. jQuery Mobile renders lists that are optimized for touch usage, as you can see in … The jQuery Mobile Framework is an open source cross-platform UI framework. When we assign a custom theme to a button, jQuery Mobile generates several CSS classes that allow us to modify the different states of the button. How to find an element based on a data-attribute value using jQuery; How to use OR Operation in jQuery Attribute Selectors? You can write your own custom styles to create custom layouts by adding an additional stylesheet to the head after the jQuery Mobile stylesheet. Here's a slider made with the new HTML5 input type of range, no data-role needed. All form elements must always be properly associated with a