Wax Warmer, Pro Wax-100, Hair Removal Home Waxing Kit with 4 Bags of Hard Wax Beans and 20 Wax Applicator Sticks. Lose the pesky nicks and bumps you get when shaving and strut your stuff confidently with Nair Wax Bikini Pro Kit. ➽ Usable on all types of skin, even sensitive ones. Wash Wax ALL Starter Kit. As soon as the spatula easily enters the wax without resistance, gently bring the bottom wax to the surface until wax has a homogenized texture like creamy honey. Best Seller Professional Single Warmer Wax Kit $77.00. Watch the product during heating to be able to stop the microwave in case of abnormal occurrences (sparks, smoke). Dip the spatula in the tub and pick up a thick portion of wax with the tip of the spatula turning it on itself to avoid dripping of the wax. Wish List. Brand New. Just beautifully smooth skin for … Expert style tips, beauty how-tos and product demos. ADD TO BAG. NairTM Wax Ready-Strips for Face & Bikini help take care of those stubborn hairs to reveal beautiful, smooth skin for up to 8 weeks. This is definitely a unique looking wax warmer kit, but it’s also … The GiGi's Mini Pro Kit is the perfect waxing starter kit containing all the necessary wax and lotions for a professional service in the comfort of home. Remove hair effortlessly to reveal soft, silky-smooth skin for up to 8 weeks.*. ADD TO BAG. Best Seller Satin Smooth® Professional Double Warmer Wax Kit $198.50. To soothe skin after hair removal, immediately apply the palm of the hand on the waxed area with a slight pressure. This standing time allows uniform dispersion of the heat in the wax. Quick View. Wish List. 8 By cleanse-right. DO NOT USE PRODUCT IN AREA OF THE EYE. If there is a crust, gently mix from the outside to the inside blending the crust in your mixture. View as Grid List. If wax is not sufficiently softened, reposition the tub in the microwave (without the spatula) and heat in 10 second intervals (never more) as many times as needed. ADD TO BAG. GiGi Mini Pro Waxing Kit As low as $70.00. Waterless Wash Wax Mop Kit Pro Aluminum Pole. Have you considered improving something at work? Created by waxing experts, GiGi Mini Pro Hair Removal Waxing Kit is the most popular wax brand used by beauty professionals. Whichever type of wax you use, hair growth can be slowed for weeks, and that’s the goal. Keep tub in the carton with this leaflet and spatula for future use. Nair makes waxing as easy as shaving with Wax Ready-Strips. Pro Appliances Curling Irons/Wands Dryers ... Mini Pro Kit Login to view pricing . Select Women's or Men's products to begin. Our sales team and Windtrax have collaborated to develop the perfect. Kits that don’t include wax warmers are typically more affordable, with most ranging from $20 to $30. This kit, in particular, works incredibly well. * Heating time based on a 1000 Watt microwave oven. Wax Kits. Apply baby powder to area to be waxed before waxing for easier wax removal. To soothe the recently waxed area, apply a moisturizing cream or lotion. Gently remove the tub from the microwave using the two handles making sure that they are not too hot. Gigi Pro 1 Waxing Kit As low as $130.00. Products Name Z to A. You can apply a cold water compress for a few minutes to soothe the skin. The S-PRO Waxing Starter Kit contains: Warm Wax 425g - Our S-Pro warm waxes are multipurpose waxes suitable for all areas of waxing and perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin. To remove big residues, reapply a used wax layer or wait until they are completely dry and scrape to remove with a fingernail. Maintaining the Ceramic Wax Pro coating with Ceramic Refresh and Ceramic Shampoo will … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Short Sleeve. $444.00/EACH. Risk of injury and severe burns may result. Pro Wax Kits by GiGi; Pro Wax Kits by GiGi. 9.5. While men’s waxing might not be the most pain-free way to go about removing hair from your body, men’s waxing is definitely the most gratifying. Wish List. Customs services and international tracking provided. Sometimes a small change can help save time, money, or make life a little easier. A complete hair removal kit for an easy use at home. ADD TO BAG. $114.00 New. 10 Petite Applicators; 10 Small & 10 Large Accu Edge Applicators; 30 Small & 30 Large Natural Muslin Strips; Pre Hon, 2 oz. With the tools and parts assembled for you in one kit, you can quickly address the most common chemical issues on-site without having to order parts and make an extra service trip. Eye; First Aid; ... ProTeam® Super Coach Pro® 10 Backpack w/107098 Kit #PT107304. With the new year quickly approaching, we start to think of our New Year’s Resolutions. Price High to Low. A slight reddening of the skin is normal for several hours after removal of hair. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. ProTeam® Super Coach Pro® 6 Backpack w/107098 Kit #PT107308. 2 Items . One of the simplest ways is to get your chemical sales representative or chemical technician set up with the right tools and parts. Choose options Quick view. STOP USING IMMEDIATELY IF IRRITATION OCCURS AND CONSULT A PHYSICIAN IF IRRITATION PERSISTS. STEP 1: PATCH TEST Slow Grow, 2 oz. GiGi Hair Remover Pro 1 Kit 48 Ounce. To place an order, contact Windtrax today. Product description. The depilatory wax can be removed effectively without strips and is suitable for sensitive areas. The wax tub must be placed off-center on the microwave turning plate. 4.3 out of 5 stars (104) Total Ratings 104, $49.95 New. (3) Select Options. This ceramic coating bonds to … They are the only no-prep, no-warming, no-rubbing wax strips. Remove hair effortlessly to reveal soft, silky-smooth skin for up to 8 weeks. Requests may be sent via e-mail to orders@windtrax.com or call 1-800-433-0676. Post Epilation Lotion, 2 oz. WARNING: FOR BIKINI AREA HAIR REMOVAL ONLY. Wax Cleaner Non Woven Waxing Roll x 100 Yards Non Woven Waxing Strips Table Waxing Paper Body Waxing Spatulas Set 9.6" Large Body Spatula 8" … Providing your staff with a complete kit saves you time and takes the guesswork out of what they need to carry for each call. Show per page. Discover the Right Nair™ Product For You But, if hard wax is more your speed, Gigi also has a couple of options. DO NOT INGEST. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE WARNINGS MAY RESULT IN SEVERE SKIN IRRITATION, SKIN REMOVAL, BURNS OR OTHER INJURIES. Waxicle Accessories. The GiGi's Mini Pro Kit is the perfect waxing starter kit containing all the necessary wax and lotions for a professional service in the comfort of home. Slight redness is normal after hair removal but it naturally disappears after a few hours. If skin appears normal after 24 hours, then you may apply the product to a larger area. Remove wax in one quick movement in the direction opposite hair growth and as close as possible to the waxed area. $29.95 $39.95. Best For Bikini: VidaSleek Extra Strength Hair Removal Waxing Kit. Remove it when it is no longer sticky to the touch and that the small roll can easily be lifted (no longer sticking to the skin). Sort By. Black. Best for Bikini Line: Nair Wax Bikini Pro Kit Buy on Houseofbeautyworld.com. We should start by saying that attempting a DIY Brazilian is probably not the best idea, but for cleaning up your bikini line, at-home wax is a great option. The Ultimate Ceramic Kit to Protect, Restore, and Wash. From $209. function OptanonWrapper() { } © CHURCH & DWIGHT CO., INC. Woolwax Auto & Truck Undercoating kit #2 Two Gallon Kit with PRO Spray Gun ... (low viscosity) Cavity Wax. This professional-grade, high-performance car wax kit includes everything you need to restore and maintain your car’s flawless finish and achieve the ultimate wow factor! $39.95 $54.95. Types of earwax removal kits Softening drops. This kit has everything you need if you’re looking to properly … $35.00 Used. Must-have beauty secrets, inspiration, promotions and more! $129.50. Rated 4.52 out of 5. Premium Depilatory Kit Made For All Hair and Skin Types. View as Grid List. This website uses cookies and similar technologies to recognize your repeat visits and preferences, as well as measure traffic and the effectiveness of campaigns. Men’s Waxing Services. ➽ 1 Pro-Wax™ wax heater + 200g-400g of face / body wax + 10 wooden spatulas. Safe to use anywhere -- You can use the Jelly Wax Kit on your face, armpit, arms, legs, bikini line, and more!Waxing goes deep to get all the hair, so you don't have to wax again for up to 6 weeks! Sort By. Let them know which kit you would like to order: the Standard or Premium Turtle Wax Pro Chemical Kit. LUOLLOVE® Pro Wax 100 Wax Heater Kit for Easy Hair Removal at Home, Includes 4. 3 Items . DO NOT USE 24 HOURS BEFORE OR AFTER SUNBATHING. Microwave performance varies according to brand, power, volume of the ovens and positioning of the product on the revolving plate. Foil & Wax Paper; Napkins; Show All; Facilities & Grounds. The product can become dangerously hot and/or overflow out of the jar. The Windtrax online store can be found HERE. DO NOT APPLY WAX OVER SUNBURNED, CHAPPED, BROKEN OR SORE SKIN, CUTS, WEAK SCARS OR ECZEMA. It does everything you will need to have a salon-like waxing experience at home, plus you can tailor your usage based on your needs. Deposit the wax at the top of the area to be waxed and with the side of the spatula and in the direction of hair growth (usually toward the inside of the thigh), immediately spread. Food for thought? The Jax Wax Shield Pro 9h Ceramic Coating kit is one of the most innovative products in the detailing industry.Jax Wax Shield Pro 9h offers unmatched protection to your paint while creating depth and gloss like no other product you have ever seen. To prevent damage to spatula, remove from wax prior to cooling. Original and regrammed beauty hacks, DIY spa tips and #NairShortShorts! Follow heating times indicated. IMPORTANT: AFTER HEATING THE PRODUCT, LET THE TUB STAND WITH THE MICROWAVE OFF, without touching the tub for the time indicated on the table below. Place the tub of hot wax on a flat and protected surface. Wish List. Wash the area to be waxed with mild soap and water, and dry skin thoroughly. Grounds Maintenance. Hair removal waxing kits may cost anywhere from $15 to $60. 2 Items . Nair Bikini Wax Pro Kit. ... GiGi Pro 1 Kit # 7797: Log in to see guaranteed low prices: Clean & Easy Deluxe Pot Wax Starter Kit # 7814: Log in to see guaranteed low prices: 9 items: Lowest Wholesale The day before hair removal, prepare skin by exfoliating the area to be waxed for easier hair removal and to prevent the formation of ingrown hair. Waterless Wash Wax Mop Kit Pro Fiberglass Pole. GiGi Mini Pro Hair Removal Waxing Kit. Never use water or other products (alcohol or acetone) to remove wax residues. Roll over image to zoom in Item is no longer available. Compare hair removal methods — including the pros and cons of each — to find the best one for you. Disposable Spatulas x 100 - high quality spatulas for a smooth wax application Waxing Strips x 100 - strong paper wax strips for clean hair removal Turtle Wax Pro Service Kits from Windtrax, Assorted tips (2 small cases and 1 medium), 2 Dema Screw-In Assorted Ultra Lean Metering Tip Kits, 2 Dema Screw-In Assorted Metering Tip Kits, 2 Hydro Push-in Ultra Lean Metering Tip Kits. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR THE ELDERLY OR PEOPLE WITH LOOSE SKIN. From $209. View as Grid List. * Get the necessary tools to service your accounts efficiently with the Turtle Wax Pro Chemical Kit! Ceramic Wax Pro provides on average 12 months of intense shine, slickness and protection to any vehicle. If after heating, the wax is very liquid or bubbles up or if the tub is warped, the wax has been overheated. Price Low to High. Infused with naturally-derived ingredients, our products leave you with silky, smooth skin that lasts. DO NOT USE IMMEDIATELY AFTER A BATH. Waxing Kits. Finish hair removal using the after hair removal towelette provided or if needed, use a cotton ball dipped in baby oil. Set Ascending Direction. Mini Pro Kit is the ideal starter kit for the novice or the price conscious professional; Kit includes: Electric Economy Wax Warmer; Créme Wax, 14 oz. $28.89. Lifestance Waxing Kit, Design for Sensitive Skin, Wax Warmer Hair Removal for Bikini, Brazilian, Face, … Every CandleScience customer gets access to our wholesale pricing and benefits—no special merchant account needed! (After testing and checking the homogeneity of the wax temperature). Kit includes: Mini Heater with Adjustable Temperature, Honee Creme Wax 14oz., 8 each of Petite, Small and Large Spatulas, 25 each of Small and Large Natural Muslin Strips, 2 each of Face Strips and Body Strips, Pre-Hon, Antiseptic and Benzokal Lotion, 2oz. *Individual results may vary, Lose the pesky nicks and bumps you get when shaving and strut your stuff confidently with NairTM Wax Ready-Strips for Legs & Body. We offer the same great service to large businesses, local artisans and everyone in between. For mild earwax buildup, a removal kit with softening drops is often the best bet. Convenient and painless -- Experience less pain during your waxing session compared to traditional depilation methods.Our body waxing kit is simple and effective! GiGi Brazilian Bikini Wax Microwave Kit 16 Ounce. NOT SUITABLE FOR PEOPLE WITH EXTRA SENSITIVE OR PROBLEM SKIN. You may find the odd kit with a wax warmer in this price range, but in most cases, you’ll pay at least $40 for a wax … * No more daily stubble, nicks and cuts. Waxing products from the top salon professional manufacturers ContactUs. Check wax temperature before each application by applying a small amount of wax with the tip of the spatula on the inside of your wrist (the wax should feel warm and easy to spread in thin layers). $10.00 (0) Select Options. If there is a crust, proceed as described above (#3). Grayne Deluxe Kit with Waxing Iron. WAX SHOULD NOT BE USED BY PEOPLE SUFFERING FROM DIABETES OR CIRCULATORY PROBLEMS OR ON AREAS WITH VARICOSE VEINS, MOLES OR WARTS. Hoses & Nozzles; Safety. per page. Get the necessary tools to service your accounts efficiently with the Turtle Wax Pro Chemical Kit! Hold the tub vertically to avoid the wax from spilling. Hair removal waxing kit prices. Woolwax® T-shirt. Providing your staff with a complete kit saves you time and takes the guesswork out of what they need to carry for each call. Before each use, always complete a patch test. Hold skin with one hand at bottom of wax layer and with the other, lift the wax roll using fingertips. Remove scratches, swirls and oxidation from the surface of your car with the Hybrid Solutions 1 & Done Compound. To learn more about cookies and how we use them, view our privacy policy. STEP 4: APPLY THE WAX AND REMOVE HAIR DO NOT USE ON IRRITATED, INFLAMED OR BROKEN SKIN. By clicking "OK" on this banner, you consent to the use of cookies. *Data on file. Remove hair … Choose options Quick view. Ensure skin is dry, apply baby powder on the area before hair removal and between each layer of wax. Sort By. Set Ascending Direction. Wax Warmers Wax Warmers (21) Waxing Kits (9) Wax Warmer Collars (6) Sorting. Welcome to the dark side and say hello to men’s brazilian waxing and full body waxing for men. One of the simplest ways is to get your chemical sales representative or chemical technician set up with the right tools and parts. To eliminate any big wax residues, use a used wax layer to dislodge them. Quick View. document.write(new Date().getFullYear()). From United Kingdom. With the tools and parts assembled for you in one kit, you can quickly address the most common chemical issues on-site without having to order parts and make an extra service trip. Avoid any sun exposure during the 24 hours following hair removal to avoid unwanted reactions. To remove fine residues, apply baby powder on the waxed area to see them better, and use the post hair removal towelette and scrape until they disappear. This website is operated by Transchem Pro Inc. under license from Turtle Wax, Inc., and Transchem Pro Inc. is responsible for any and all content and operations associated with same. Cleanse Right 2nd Generation Ear Wax Removal Tool Kit- 20 Disposable Tips! Description. Woolwax Auto & Truck Undercoating kit #1 ONE Gallon Kit with Woolwax PRO Spray Gun. The drops work by softening the hardened wax in the ear canal so the wax can then work its way out of the ear on its own. Do not touch the tub, leave it to cool at least 15 minutes before handling. 3.8 out of 5 stars (20) Total Ratings 20, $17.95 New. Overheating the wax or not following direction can cause serious burns. Buy It Now. Shop for soy wax in bulk, candle containers at wholesale prices, and all the wholesale candle making supplies you need. STEP 2: CLEANSE THE SKIN Apply a test sample to a small area where product will be used and follow the basic instructions. Post Wax Concealer, 2 oz. Place the tub in a clean microwave free of any other object: spatula, carton or other accessories. Closely follow instructions in this insert every time you use the product. Requests may be sent via e-mail to orders@windtrax.com or call 1-800-433-0676. Products Name A to Z. Wax Heater. TESTING Since the temperature varies from one microwave to another, carefully touch the tub before handling to make sure it is not too hot. It’s a soft wax and is very easy to use. In cases of extreme skin reactions, discontinue use immediately and do not proceed with full treatment. On a personal level, though, I am in love with the fact that the Gigi Mini Pro Waxing Kit comes with 14 ounces of Honee Creme Wax.